Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Diary Day 40: Kitchen Play

Dear summer diary,
Zoey asked to play with her Easy Bake Oven today. We looked up some recipes online & found one for tea cakes. (I LOVE that I don't have to buy those expensive little pouches of food mix!) Zoey made up one big cake for all 4 of us to share. (And those Tupperware accessories are my favorite, by the way!)

While Zoey baked away, Pazely & I chose to make a dessert in preparation for her birthday tomorrow. Though her swimming party is not for another week, we decided we couldn't let her REAL birthday pass by without dessert! I found the recipe HERE via Pinterest. (I'll post the link soon---pinterest servers are down at the moment.) The bottom layer is chocolate chip cookie dough (I bought the tubes!), the next layer is Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies, & the top layer is brownie batter.
I'm afraid I may have baked them too long though. So, I might have to head to the store tomorrow for round 2 of ingredients. (Only because we're having a few friends over to help eat these. And I can't have them chipping away at a rock hard dessert.)

My wax paper stuck to some of the sides of my brownies. That was a bummer. And it kinda smoked real weird in the oven & smelled funky. But the recipe said to line the pan with wax paper---it helps to easily get the brownies out after cutting.
I'm excited to try the brownies, even though I seem to have had such a difficult time with them.
I'll let you know how many pounds I gain when I'm done.
Oh, real quick: Pazely fell asleep on the couch tonight with her sister, watching a movie. I scooped her up & carried her off to bed. She sort of woke up as I was tucking her in & she said to me, "I'm going to wake up tomorrow & then -BOOM!- I'll be 7!"
Right she is.



  1. We just made a cake with the easy bake oven with a recipe we found online. Much better than the spendy pouches, I agree. And better tasting too.

    Try lining your dish with parchment paper or foil, that may work better for you. :)

  2. WOW that dessert looks amazing! Happy Birthday to your sweet Pazely!

  3. oops, my husband was logged into the laptop so the last comment was really from me! Sorry. r

  4. Eek. No wax paper - definitely parchment paper to line your pans if you are going to put it in the oven. Unfortunately, only one of our grocery stores around here stocks it all the time where it should be with the foils and such (or weirdly, with the kosher goods because people use it for macaroons) but a Michael's type store should have it too. I don't bake cookies or any baked good for that matter without it anymore. and No cleaning the darn cookie pan! woohoo.

  5. Ok, so I completed round two of the brownies this morning! (The first batch feels & looks like a rock.) I chose to lightly oil the pan---no wax paper, nuthin'! I baked it a little less hot: 325 degrees instead of 350 degrees. And I baked them for less time: 1 hour instead of an hour +. I haven't tasted them yet---will do that this evening!! I'll let you know how they taste!


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