Monday, June 20, 2011

Week in Review: June 13-19

Last week...
•We got super crafty!

•Was my most favorite Crafty Night ever!!

•The girls & I got daddy a remote control helicopter for Father's Day. (We think he needs to learn to play more.)

•I baked bread.

•I lost 2.5 pounds!

•Overheard this while the girls played dolls:
Zoey: "Do you wanna come to church with me?"
Pazely: "Sure!"
Zoey: "Well, I'm not sure there's enough room in the car."
Pazely: "That's OK. I have a jetpack."

•The girls & I got halfway through "The Little House in the Big Woods"

•I ate cotton candy.

•I bought squirty grape jelly for the first time ever.

•I played with vintage fabrics.

•I ran down to the basement with my kidlets after hearing the tornado siren.

•I mailed my birth dad THIS awesome Father's Day card.

•Watched a game of croquet.

•Munched on my most favorite frog eye salad. (If not restrained, I could eat a whole bowl full.)

•Stayed up way too late almost every day this week.


Thanks to all of you who are following along in the 2011 Summer Diary series.
It's so much fun to hear all the feedback! 
(I just noticed that the "2011 Summer Diary" badge on the right side of the blog is not working to connect all the 2011 Summer Diary posts. I'll try to figure it out...)

Here's to another happy, busy, fun, super terrific, mellow & crafty summer week!
Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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