Monday, June 27, 2011

Week in Review: June 20-26

Last week the hubby & I got to go on a date!! That doesn't happen too often these days. We recently decided to swap every other week & plan dates for each other. It was the Mr.'s turn first. He thought we should go to Walmart & get groceries & things we needed. But first we got hungry so we stopped by Taco Bell for dinner. (I ate 3/4 of my 7-layer burrito & all of my cinnamon twisties.)  It was nice to be on our own. We even got to watch a lightning storm off in the distance on our 45 minute drive back home late at night.
I actually got to watch 2 lightning storms last week. SUCH a fantastic show!!
At Walmart we had fun filling 3 shopping carts with 20 giant bouncy balls. We got so many looks & comments rolling through the store, toting those things around. (The balls are the party favors for Pazely's swimming party next week.)

I made the MOST amazing grilled cheese sandwiches last week. Oh yum. My mouth is getting all drooly just thinking about them... Fresh bread from the bakery that I sliced in thick slices & grilled 'til golden brown. Basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes & avocado. I even found a website that is dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches: Grilled Cheese Social.

This week is the calm before next week's storm. I've got to plan a scavenger hunt for the youth group, plan for Pazely's birthday party & plan for Crafty Night on July 12th!!


  1. Craft night on June 12? You must mean July 12. Your days sound wonderfully amazing!

  2. Phyllis---You're right! (Oops!) I changed it---thanks!

  3. I love storms. They scare my dog, which is unfortunate. :(
    But I mainly love listening to storms. For what ever reason, they really calm me down.

  4. It's the simple things isn't it.
    I hope you enjoy your dates and have a great week even if it is a busy one :)


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