Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Bags in 30 Days: Day 1: Pantry

I got rid of my first bag!! Yay! It's a small one, I know. 
My pantries are filled with more pasta than I know what to do with. I found 5 opened bags of powdered sugar. And a box of taco shells from Fred Meyer. (I haven't been to a Fred Meyer in over a year & a half.) I started writing down some of the ingredients I found {that I didn't even know I had} so I can come up with meal plans to use those items up.


  1. Well done! This happens in our pantry too, its odd how things just get lost in there for ages!

  2. McCormick has this little timeline that shows their packaging through the decades. I used it as a guide when cleaning my pantry. Yeah... we had spices that were almost as old as I am!

  3. I'm starting this on Monday when the kids are back in school and the hubs is at work. I will keep you posted. This could get interesting...


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