Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Crafty Night: Fabric Keychains

 The July Crafty Night kinda snuck up on me. I've felt so swamped & busy & very unorganized in my thoughts & planning. We made THESE fabric keychains & they were a hit!
The set-up was a bit more involved than usual. Lotsa supplies! Fabrics, trims, twill tape, ribbon, embellishments, fusible web, buttons, key rings, scissors...the list goes on!

 But before we get to the makin', here's some of the eatin':
At Crafty Night we enjoy a quick meal before crafting. Last night I fixed up a pasta salad, croissants, fresh veggies with dip & that amazing strawberry shortcake. (Not pictured: whipping cream piled high on top of each piece of shortcake. MMmmmm....)

 It was so much fun to get the sewing machines out. Most of the crafters last night hadn't touched a sewing machine in a VERY long time.

These are photos of most of the keychains made last night...

I always like to make a favor for everyone to take home. Last night's treat were these felt pinwheels. The tutorial can be found HERE.
The last two Crafty Night's have been very low in attendance. I know this could be due to the fact that it's summer. But, I must admit, it's a wee bit discouraging. Setting up takes a LOT of work. Getting all the supplies ready takes a lot of time. Really, researching a craft to make every month is tedious work in itself.

Crafty Night is $5. And where can you go to have dinner, hang out with friends, learn a new craft, make something awesome, & take home a sweet 'lil favor---for $5?? This is not a money-making thing at all. I don't make a dime from this. All the money goes toward supplies. (The donations weren't helping to cover the cost of supplies, so I had to set a price.) I do this because I love making stuff & I thought it'd be fun to share that with people. 

Crafty Night
2nd Tuesday of every month
6-8 p.m.
at ON3 Photography
Main Street, Bridgeport NE
(Please reserve your seat so I know how many crafters to prepare for.)

Next Crafty Night: August 9th
Check out our facebook page at:


  1. love your crafty night ideas! You do put so much work into these evenings! I'm sure everyone goes home very blessed. It's hard to get my crafty neighboorhood girls together for a craft night in the summer months too --everyone is so busy - with sports, vbs, vacations, etc. We either stick with one gathering mid summer or skip it altogether and wait til the kidlets are back in school.

  2. I can't believe you don't have a waiting list to get into Crafty Night...I know if I were anywhere near Nebraska I'd be all over it! It always sounds like SOOO much fun! :)

  3. Oh wow - I wish you lived in Berlin - we would hang out all the time!! :)


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