Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Knitted Postcards: Show & Tell

Just wanted to show off my recent knitted creations. I'm a newbie knitter, & learned to make postcards like these via an Etsy video found HERE. Really, you just knit a 4x6 inch-ish piece & attach it to a piece of matte board. (Like the matting for pictures/frames.) I punched holes all around the edge of the matte board with a hole punch & used a large blunt needle to stitch the knitted piece onto the matting.
The stitches are nothing fancy---except for my favorite raspberry stitch.  (Oooh, I love that one!) And stitching up something this small gives me a chance to practice different stitches.
My postcards seem to cost me about $1.71 to send. (Although, one time I was able to send one for $1.08.) The postal system has started including these extra bulky & horribly large bar code labels ON TOP of the already extra bulky regular postage sticker. It takes up a lot of room and, in fact, covered up some of the message on the first postcards I ever sent. Really frustrating, but still worth the happy mail!! Since then, I have made sure to include enough blank space for these sticker monsters. I've been sending my grandmother a different knitted postcard every week since I've been back from visiting her in Washington.
The postcards in the photo above were made using strips of t-shirt material (also known as jersey knit) leftover from May's Crafty Night. I just connected end to end to end of all the scraps & knitted with size 13 needles.
If you'd like to follow along on my postcard knitting adventures, click HERE to view my "Knitted Postcard" set of pictures on flickr. As I make postcards, I'll be adding them to that set. So far, I've only got 7 to brag about. Working on #8 right now.


  1. That is a brilliant idea!
    It would be even more awesome to add buttons or other embellishments!


  2. These are adorable!!! Great idea!


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