Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Diary Day 42: MASH

Dear summer diary,
I totally forgot about this game until I saw it just recently on pinterest. Oh what fun!! Click HERE for instructions on how to play. And how fun to introduce one of my childhood memories to my girls! I eliminated the "BOYS"/"WHO I'LL MARRY" section & replaced it with "PETS & THEIR NAMES". The Mr. strongly agrees with my decision. (When I was younger we had sections with "boys", "cars" & "# of kids".)
It's a silly little game, but here's the results of our future...
Pazely will live as a vet in an apartment in Hawaii with her horse named Trotty.
Zoey will live as a zookeeper in a shack in San Francisco with her cat named Flower.
I will live as an artist in a shack in Greece with my kitty named Cupcake.


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