Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Diary Day 46: Daddy's Turn

Dear summer diary,
Tonight daddy took the girls swimming. I stayed home, made myself some dinner, blogged a bit, played around on Pinterest, organized my thoughts on Pazely's party this Friday, & got a bit of peace & quiet.
The Mr. & I have been waking the girls up for their swim lessons the past two mornings, helping them get dressed in their suits, scrambling to find towels & flip flops & tame their crazy bed heads. And on both occasions the pool has been closed. We finally realized today that swim lessons are postponed this week. Not sure why we didn't get the memo. But, oh well. The girls think it's funny that we've wasted two good mornings of sleeping in. We are ALL going to take advantage of the remaining lazy mornings still waiting to be slept-in this week.


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