Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Diary Day 60: ATC Swap

Dear summer diary,
Today the girls & I worked on some ATC's (artist trading cards) for a swap hosted by Adria of Paper.Scissors.Cake.
The girls & I have never played around with ATC's. But here are the basics. Play along if you want! They must be mailed in by July 25th, so you've still got a few days left!

• The cards MUST be 2.5" x 3.5" & — heavy paper like bristol board or cardstock.
• You can use any medium you want: (Collage, paint, pencil, etc.) Just think of it as a tiny little wee canvas.
• When you're done, put only your first name & age on the back. (This swap is open to KIDS & adults. I'm sure if you're an adult & don't want to include your age, that'd be fine.)
• Mail your ATC's (up to 4 per person) to: Paper.Scissors.Cake. c/o Adria Smith, 3085 Woodbridge Lane, Canton, GA 30114.
• To cover the cost of postage, please inlcude $1 for every 2 cards you mail.
Then, just sit & wait anxiously for your new ATC's to show up in the mail!

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  1. What a fun thing. I am going to try to find some time this weekend.


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