Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Diary Day 70: Dirt

Dear summer diary,
The opposite of clean. That is what is fun to most kids. Mine included. And today Zoey & Pazely played in it. Dirt, that is. All afternoon & into the evening. "Until the streetlights came on."---so to speak. And though Zoey looks somewhat miserable in that photo---she was not. She was giddy before I took the picture, & squealing after I took it. I love that dirty messy face.

A close relative to dirt is sand.
If you want to see a REALLY cool picture of grains of sand, click HERE
Everytime I look at that photo, I keep thinking about how much fun God must have had when he created this world.

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  1. My kids and I are blown away by that picture! Thanks so much for sharing it. :)
    Each little grain completely unique, just like us!


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