Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Diary Day 72: What's in your Purse?

Dear summer diary,
After my bedroom decluttering earlier today, the girls both snatched up one of the many purses I was purging. We decided to look inside each other's purses to see what was in them. I always think it's rather adorable to see the things my kid's tote around. Hope it's amusing to you as well...
Pazely's Purse:
(Pazely said: "I have everything I need in here, except for mommy, daddy, Zoey, food & clothes.")
• 2 lipglosses
• 1 Rootbeer lipsmacker
• 1 pencil
• 1 pen
• ice cream eraser
• world map eraser
• mini notebook (with a sketch of our main street)
• light-up sock monkey snow globe
• cell phone (it's not working)
• nail clippers
• fool's gold
• animal stencil
• green strip of fabric that she sketched
• 3 old keys
• $20.13
• pink coin purse (she took it from me!)
• set of doggie trading cards
• lipstick case (which she also took from me!) filled with a penny, seashells, acorns & 2 straight pins
• purple fangs
• a red/yellow/green pin that says "Congo"

Zoey's Purse:
• glasses with case & cloth
• vanilla flavored chapstick
• 2 plastic balls
• 1 bouncy ball
• bird whistle
• mirrored compact
• bunny sticker
• green whistle with wrist strap
• 2 bolts & 2 plastic tube thingies (from an experiment at summer school)
• cross maze game
• nail clippers (what is it with these girls & the nail clippers?)
• 2 dress-up rings
• 1 felt butterfly pouch (that she made) filled with a "lucky leaf",  a tiny acorn & a note that I gave her when she was in a bad mood at me one day that read: "I love you. Be happy, OK? It's gonna be a good day!" I didn't realize it, but she keeps it & says she looks at it whenever she needs cheering up.

My purse:
• a tin of "Crafty Girl" mints
• iPhone charger
• checkbook
• my paycheck from last week
• glasses case (which houses my polaroid "macro" lens)
• 5 band-aids
• the car key---with its handmade keychain from July's Crafty Night
• my other set of keys
• 2 coupons for JoAnne's & one for Old Navy
• 3 hair bands
• 1 fancy hair bobby
• $4.33
• knitted coin purse (which did not hold any of that $4.33. haha!)
• 6 shades of lipgloss
• mini owlie journal
• Princess doodles book (from Tia for my flight home from Wa. in June)
• 1 pencil
• 8 inkpens (I'm a writer. Can you tell?? Hubby gets so frustrated because he can't ever find any pens around the house. Oops.)
• 1 knitting needle (YAY! I thought I lost it!)
• 2 pair of P.F. Chang's chopsticks (There's not a P.F. Chang's around here within a couple hundred miles--- at least. These were in my purse for some crafty project I was working on.)
• extra camera memory card
• biz card from a trophy shop
• a neon information card about some glass blowers we saw in Keystone, SD last week
• an unused $10 gift card from Bed, Bath & Beyond from a Christmases ago
• 2 driver's licenses (I lost one, got a new one sent, & then found the lost one)
• 2 debit cards
• Red Robin rewards card
• health insurance card for my girls
• my Media Pass for Nebraska school events


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  1. I'm such a nosey girl I love seeing what's in others' bags. At one time, I think I found a flickr group centered around it. I wish MY purse was filled with as many fun items and 'treasures' as your girls' are! Instead mine's more like yours with essentials like the checkbook, debit card, notebook, and mints.... I may have to change that soon!
    Thanks for the peek!


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