Monday, July 18, 2011

Week in Review: July 11-17

This summer feels extremely busy. And I don't particularly like that. (I'm behind a few days on the "Summer Diary" series. I'll catch up & get those posted.)

Last week was Crafty Night---more stressful than usual. I'm having mixed feelings about that whole scene anyway. The people aren't showing up & it's hurtin' my pocketbook. *sigh* Maybe once a month is too often?

Had an amazing visit last weekend with a missionary family from Mexico, Trent & Angie Mettenbrink. I loved sitting 'round the rectangular dining table, munching on BBQ'd chicken, corn fritters & watermelon, while listening to their adventures & stories about how God protected & provided & showed up in miraculous ways during their journey. I want stories like that in my pocket. More than anything, their company made me realize how lonely I am.

The girls started summer school last week. I am so thankful for summer school. I don't know if every summer school is the same, but last year I wouldn't have thought of taking them at all. But then I found out that it's not only for students that need extra help & are required to go, but for any student who wants to participate. They do so many hands-on experiments & projects– & the girls leave every morning excited to go & come home happy. (It also gives mommy & daddy a few hours every day to chill & regroup.)

Next week I'll be at the Morrill County Fair at the Penny Carnival. (Friday, July 29th from 4–6 p.m.)  I'll have my polaroid photo booth set up. $1/picture. If you're in town, come on out & support the Penny Carnival vendors & take part in all the fun at the fair from July 23rd–31st. For a schedule, visit HERE.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

Happy Monday!

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