Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Bags in 30 Days: Day 5: Linen Closet

I read somewhere that a good "rule of thumb" is to keep 2 sets of sheets per bed. I kept this in mind when going through my linen closet. I could not believe how many sheets I had! And I finally found all my "missing" pillowcases----shoved behind a pile of sheets, of course. What a mess everything was. The linen closet functioned in this manner: open the door, cram the clean sheets in & shut it fast before everything spilled out!
I got rid of 2 bags!!! (1 for trash & 1 for donation!) I prolly still have too many bed linens. (My weakness is vintage sheets & vintage pillowcases. So, I've got my stash of those still.) But, now they're all nicely folded & you can actually get to everything VERY easily!!
(Tally: 7 bags so far!)


  1. I've been keeping this in mind as I clean... so far I've only done MY closet (two bags! 1 donate, 1 garbage)...

    I need to tackle several other areas in our house but I'm reluctant to start 30 bags in 30 days..

    I'd want it to be 30 bags in 60 days or 90 days :)

  2. Carol----I'm doing this project in 30 days. But it's not 30 consecutive days. Even though that might not be the intent of this project, it's what works for me. :0)

  3. Yay, you're really going at it! I'm working on it too, thanks to your inspiration, but not consecutive days.
    I always heard to keep 3 sets per bed - one for bed, one for laundry, and one extra - but maybe that was from the days of wringer washers & drying on the line outdoors?
    Keep up the good work :)

  4. My linen closet functions much the same way :-)

    I love these updates. Keep 'em coming and maybe I'll finally get around to it!!

  5. Those vintage pillow cases make really sweet dresses:). Just a thought...or super cute tops.


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