Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crafty Night: August

 Last night's Crafty Night was all about relaxation. We made microwaveable heat pads.
Most crafters decided to make a long skinny one---perfect for around the neck. But I have one made in the shape of a square at home--I love heating it up & putting it on my lower back. One nifty crafter even made small ones---perfect for sticking in your pockets on cold days!
 We simply sewed a rectangle of fabric & filled it with rice. Once you add the rice, you can add essential oils if you like. I also had a batch (pictured above) of a mixture of rice, flaxseed & lavender buds. (I heard that flaxseed retains the heat longer.) When you heat your pack in the microwave, the lavender, or other scents, really come alive.
When sewing your inside pouch that holds the rice, also sew sections into it. This helps the rice to stay evenly distributed, so it doesn't slide to one corner.

 Last evening was Crafty Night's last night at ON3 Photography. It's really a beautiful space & I'm so grateful for Laura letting us get all crafty-like there. But, the set up has started to become overwhelming to me & I have decided to relocate back to our original spot: next door to my house in the Activity Room of New Life Assembly. It's been newly painted & I'm planning on making it a special place to hang out & craft, the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
(While we were crafting last night, there was even a photo shoot going on. Fun!)

After sewing our heat pack, we sewed an outside cover. Some crafters decided to make a sleeve, with an open top to slide their heat pack into. The cover is great because it protects the heat pack & you can wash it if it gets dirty!

Here are the pocket warmers:

The Crafty Night favors are one of my favorite details of the evening. I love making goodies for everyone to take home! Last night's favors were vintage fabric emellished notebooks.
Next time...
Crafty Night
Tuesday, September 13th
6-8 p.m.
$5 per person
510 J. Street • Activity Room at New Life
Bridgeport, NE
(Come for dinner, hang out with crafty peeps, learn a new craft, bring home something handmade & take home a sweet favor!)
Please reserve your seat so I know how many to plan for!
Crafty Night is the 2nd Tuesday of EVERY month!


  1. What a great idea! I think I will try to have a go at this, I am not a great stitcher but thin I could do this! I love the rosy fabric on the two small bags!

  2. Do not use instant rice, it will burn once heated several times. Flaxseed does stay warm longer.

  3. Wheat works better than rice- you do not get that crusty feeling after several uses, and retains heat for far longer. It looks like a really great project, though!


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