Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Diary Day 77: Glowstick Lanterns

Dear summer diary,
My little friend Pinterest has given me yet ANOTHER fab idea. Aren't these awesome? You simply take some glowsticks, crack 'em & get 'em glowin'. Then, break them open & shake the liquid inside a jar. Pop on a lid & you've got a lantern or nightlight for the evening! It was also suggested to line them up along a walkway. Maybe for Halloween? Any evening would be perfect though! The girls & I had fun with this one & I think we'll be doing it again soon...



  1. looks smashing. but isn't that glow stuff kind of dangerous for you? not sure,just asking like. would love to try it too...

  2. love this idea... i saw it on weheartit not that long ago and it makes for amazing photos as well!


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