Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Diary Day 97: Wall Art

Dear summer diary,
Today the girls taped up giant pieces of paper on the wall, got out all their art supplies & went to makin' some art.
And that was how they spent their last day of summer. Well, that AND playing outside, catching toads & watching movies. Zoey went on a breakfast date with daddy & his friends this morning while Pazely & I hung out at home listening to opera, crafting, & playing with Legos.

Both girls are SUPER DUPER excited for school to start tomorrow. I've already got their lunches packed. And forgive me if I do a little happy dance in the morning.

It's been a long summer. But we made it through!! Thanks to all who followed along in our 2011 Summer Diary Series. All your comments & messages meant the world to me! We hope you had fun peeking into our days this summer.

Farewell summer vacation. Until we meet again...


  1. your posts were such an inspiration and it was great following your way of spending the holidays with the kids, I think I'm going to miss the daily posts.... Unfortunately I missed two weeks out of them as we were away to Scotland, I still have to check the missed days out... Thank you so much for the many laughs, photos, inspirations and simply for being such a wonderful person :) please come back ;)

  2. Love the frogs!
    Thanks for sharing your summer crafts with us. I know it's a lot of work, but I sure do appreciate the inspiration!
    Happy back to school and happy fall!!!

  3. Well done! Hard to believe summer is over already...but then again it's nice to think about all that autumn has to bring. Thanks for sharing.


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