Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today was a very good day.

I am finding myself evaluating my days, ever since my hospital scare & learning that I've been living a life of too much of stress & anxiety.
Some days are bad. Or very bad.  Some days good. Or very good. And the rest of the days are in-between very bad & very good. Today was a good day. Pretty much a very good day...

My 8 year old & I went school shopping. School supplies, a new backpack, & most of her school clothes for the Fall/Winter have been purchased. (New coats for the girls will come when we take a mini vacay to Denver in mid-September.)

I came home to find that the activity room of our church---which we're painting & fixing up & makin' all fancy---had acquired a couch, 2 sofa chairs, a card table & a sofa table: all for $10 at an auction! I've been giddy all afternoon & evening over this news because our youth group is gearing up for an event we're calling "5th Quarter", after every home game. All the kids/youth are invited to come hang out in that room for snacks, boardgames, XBox/Wii, a firepit outside & music blarin'. I've been dreaming & praying of making this room a cool space---& it's so awesome to see it all coming together, & to see such a quick answer to my prayers!
I had an AMAZING crafty brainstorming session this afternoon. Do you know how long it's been since I just sat & brainstormed? Pretty much since before moving to Nebraska over a year & a half ago. Ever since I had to slow down & take life easy (only 9 days ago), I have seen my long lost love for crafting & making come into the picture. It makes me happy. So very happy! And I even have a couple really cool crafty opportunities I've been asked to participate in. Something I've never done before & something I'm totally excited to do. Something that FORCES me to be crafty. And I love that. Because, when in the recent past have I been able to just craft, craft, craft to my heart's content? It's been a while. And I'm grateful for the return of the crafty flame flickering once again.

For dinner I had super yummy leftovers from the night before. The Mr. ate the 2-day old Chinese food & saved last night's supper for me. HERE is the link to find the 5-ingredient crockpot chicken recipe. (I cooked mine in the crockpot on low for 8 hours & the Mr. shredded the chicken halfway through while I was at work. He said it just fell apart on its own. It was deliciously creamy. And, not that it needed MORE cheese, but I shredded some & sprinkled it on top. Not the healthiest of meals. But super tasty!!)

The Mr. has some friends over for Monopoly now, the children have friends over & are playing outside---soon to come in & head to the playroom downstairs for movies & more playing. And I am delightfully holed up in my bedroom, laptop on the bed, crafty supplies sprawled everywhere, about to watch a movie on Netflix & finish knitting my lastest postcard to grandmother--(my favorite one yet!)

And I'm anticipating an adventure tomorrow afternoon. Picking wildflowers & investigating a rather curious yellow hill I keep seeing on the way to the mall these past two weeks with the girls. The munchkins, along with my friend & I, will get to the detective work sometime tomorrow mid-day. An adventure to cap off a rather happy weekend? Perfection.
Click HERE for the photo deets.

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