Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I haven't done one of these in a while. It's about time. Do you want to know how some people find my blog? Here's some google searches people have done...& ended up here. (Their searches are the bold phrases.) This idea was originally found via Beki's blog, "Pampering Beki", which is now The Rusted Chain.

what color?

giant cookie
please. share.

tiny cake
I'll take the giant cookie instead.

an oldafashioned part
i dontaunderstan

crayon cakes
waxy teeth

different colors
like blue? and pink & green & stuff?

felt dessert
fuzzy teeth

good mannequin names
Hmm, what about Albert von Schmirken. Or Lulu.

how to make a cupcake pillow
the only thing I can think of is you waking up with frosting all up in your hair. i don't think pillows made of cupcakes are a good idea.

mushy text messages
Here are a couple ideas...
2. hubba hubba

no sew fabric pumpkin
first of all, whatever you do, DO NOT USE YOUR SEWING MACHINE, I repeat: STEP AWAY FROM THE SEWING MACHINE! 

goldfish party
their tiny party hats might get soggy, & the goodie bags might float to the surface, but I think it's doable

how to keep cream puffs from falling
position your opened mouth at the edge of the table & as they roll off, boom!, instant catch-all.
how to fold a pirate hat
Aaarrgh!!! Pirates don't do origami! Aaaarrgh!!

microwave shrinky dinks
seriously? can this be done? you first.

toenail art
Ok, is this art on your toenails---or art made with toenails??

tupperware windsock
hold on, I have to google this one myself....

wording for littlest pet shop party invitation
Dear so & so,
Please come to my littlest pet shop party. I really love littlest pet shops.
In case you're wondering what to get me, I'll give you a hint: Anything LPS

woodland birthday party, where do i find the gnome
you mean, the gnome store is all sold out?

100 things to do with bean bags
#87: when you're stuck with what to do for dinner, there's always bags of beans...

+organizer +books +tutorial +fabric +hanging +kids
somehow, I feel like i should be calling Child Protective Services

50 days to have fun with old
Take old for a walk. Take old out for ice cream. Take old to a museum. 47 days left...

biggest lps house
can i send you an invitation to my party?

blowing bubbles in milk
insert straw in milk. you're halfway there.

can i make a hole in a shrinky dink

can shrinky dinks burn

can shrinky dinks go in a gas oven
i'm not sure. just try it & let me know how it goes.

creative first aid kit for mommies
Remove bandaids. Replace with chocolates. 

dairy kitchen keychain calendar with publicity
...& I thought my keychain was big.

funny name for a mannequin
Manny Quinn


gum boots pots
it's like one of those random grocery lists you find in your shopping cart...

hoe to make a luggage tag
i think you took a wrong turn at the tool shed

hire gnome for birthday party
oh my gosh! Why didn't i think of that???

how many buttons in a bouquet

how to decorate diary
with spring loaded finger traps & electric zapper thingies

how to build windchimes using silverware
use duct tape

how to make a cats face on a pinata
eyeball, eyeball, nose, whiskers.

part time cleaners for summer
you have definitely come to the wrong place

pet sore theme parties

saran wrap dares
i dare you to....put away the leftovers.

scented bean bag
you mean you don't like the smell of beans?

shrinky dink mistake
did you, by chance, put it in a gas oven? or a microwave?

stretched ear lobes
can you tie them in a knot? can you tie them in a bow?

things needed for a swimming birthday party

things to do with envelopes
mail stuff

unconventional shower curtains
your wedding dress, a bear rug, sod, chain link fencing

what to do at a swim party?
Um, duh: pee in the pool!


  1. I have been reading your blog for a few years now and don't think I've ever left a comment. This post, though, had me laughing out loud, tears streaming down my cheeks! Thanks for a great start to the day!

  2. Lol! > me laughing and snorting and trying not to wake my whole family up!

  3. I'm with the others! Never leave comments but seriously was laughing so hard I snorted coffee through my nose! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. I haven't done this in a long time either! Btw, I love sod shower curtains, you never have to water them!

  5. One of my recent faves by you! Even if this is the first time someone is checking out your site, they can tell you are a witty writer ;-)

  6. You are a funny bunny! Thanks for the giggles!!

  7. so, when you googled tupperware windsock, did it bring you back to your page?

  8. LOL! How odd, it is amazing! Mind you when i think of some of the searches i do xx

  9. Okay- you just cracked me up. Big time.I am seriously still shaking and my kids think there is something wrong with me; well, there is, but even more wrong then usual I guess.

  10. Laughing so hard I'm crying! Too funny.


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