Thursday, September 1, 2011


Watch out! I'm learning to crochet! No, seriously, watch out. I might poke yer eye out or sumthin'.
This crafty girl has a new weapon in her mixed bag of handmade happiness!

I SO wanted to learn to knit. But was so intimidated by those 2 needles a click-clackin'. So, I never thought I'd be able to learn. But a friend taught me to knit about 8 months ago. I now love knitting. Really, I think it's helped me find peace in some rather stressful times as of late. And it's the only craft I have that is easily portable, travels well & is excellent for road trips, for occupying my time late at night when everyone else is asleep & I don't quite have tired eyes, or while waiting outside of the school to pick up my kidlets. And, etc.

And then, I recently fell in love with granny squares. Crocheted bits of yumminess that make my heart ache.
Like THIS.
I finally decided to search out youtube videos for some how-to's. There are a bajillion different videos & tons of different ways to crochet granny squares! But I started off HERE.
My first square is a whole buncha mess, but I'm rather proud of it! It'll sit right alongide my first knitted piece---which was knitted with 2 dull stubby pencils.
I can't wait to keep practicing & getting better & trying new squares!
And I totally have a new hobby this fall---while I'm sitting on the sofa (or the porch!), cuddled under a blanket & sipping yummy drinks.


  1. Gosh, I too have wondered for a while on knitting and crochet. I couldn't bear the disappointment if I couldn't do am putting it off......well done you for going for it........I need your bravery!
    nattie x

  2. I just started learning how to Knit and this girl at work mentioned she has been doing it since she was 13 years old. SO I am currently trying to hoax her into helping me figure it all out but I wish you the best of luck! Can't wait to see all the awesome new things you'll create! I hope you have a great evening!

  3. I can crochet a single crochet back and forth but have never mastered the granny square. I really like the videos you linked to. She is good. I am going to try again. Thanks for the inspiration.


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