Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Don't fret.
But I'm about to bring up a touchy subject.
Especially during this time of year, summer.
Ok, here goes....
Did you just now gag? It's OK if you did. 'Cause I feel sorta sick to my stomach.

I was shopping (well, "browsing", which turned into "shopping") at a Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store yesterday, August 31st. And suddenly I realized that holiday jingles were softly interupting my happy crafty stroll. And not just any holiday jingle but a medley which included the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Christmas music? Are you kidding me?!
 I immediatley looked around the store. Did anyone else hear the music, or was it just me? The employees & customers all appeared as if everything was normal. It's the first week of school. This is not normal.
They were like, "Yeah, Rudolph's nose is red. So what?" And then they were all like, "Excuse me while I use my 40% off coupon to purchase these cinnamon scented pincones."
It's as if Christmas is the big holiday bully. Poo-pooing on Halloween. Flipping off Labor Day. Pushing my favorite fall season down the stairs like a jealous drama queen? HOW DARE YOU!!!
I do understand that we crafters have got to get a jump on the holiday game. And I'm all about planning ahead. But, every year it seems like commercial Christmas arrives earlier than the year before.
And it's really so gross.


  1. I went to a Hobby Lobby in mid-July when I was in Texas, and they had just put out the Christmas stuff. It was IN. SANE.

  2. I feel the Same. Exact. Way. I can't stand it when the Christmas stuff comes out earlier and earlier each year. Seriously? In 10 years, it'll be a year-round event!!! Blegh.

    Planning ahead? Who'd a thunk? Care to share tips? I always say I will plan ahead next year and get everything done before Christmas day, but it never happens. Last 2 years I've been up till 5 am wrapping presents... Gasp! Did I jsut admit to that?!?!

  3. i love it when i become someone's new follower and its a cool number like 1500. hehe

    happy to be crafting with you in the craft nest contest!!!

  4. Hi Rach H. I'm just gonna call you
    "1500" from now on. haha!

    I'm actually quite intimidated to be crafting with you & all the other crafty contestants in the Crafty Nest Contest!! It should be a good time though!! Nice to meet you!!

  5. This post so made me laugh. I live in Turkey and so no holiday jingles here but if I would have been there I too would have been a mumbling this and that under my breath about it all. :) Thanks for making me smile.

  6. It always comes as a surprise to me too - earlier every year!

  7. I love this post. Best line ever: "pushing my favorite season down the stairs like a jealous drama queen"

    I am totally facebooking you :-)


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