Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Friday's GAME ONE was a loss. Heartache for sure.
But what's worse than a broken heart is lack of spirit.
The visiting fans clapped & shout when their players step foot on the grassy turf.
The visiting team raised their football helmets & did this really cool tribal whoop as their kicker launched the ball across the field.
The visiting team had cheerleaders. (Our team couldn't find a sponsor this year. Sadness.)
Maybe GAME TWO tomorrow will be better. (Mini road trip to Mitchell!)
And I'm not talking about whether we win or lose.
Come on, people, let's hear your guttural war cry!!
Or not...

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  1. Sad, for sure! Maybe you should get the parents some pompoms! No cheerleaders... make your own!
    Go Team!!


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