Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week in Review: Aug. 29-Sep. 4

Last week...
High school football officially began. And, as I was out on the field (wearing my Converse & a long-sleeved shirt for the first time since summer began) while taking photos with my crew, the sun went down & I realized it would've been a good idea to have brought a scarf. This makes me happy. Although, before I know it, I'll be layered in puffy & unattractive cold-weather garments, camera around my neck, doing jumping jacks in the corner of the field, trying to keep warm.
The girls & I made a visit to the library. To return overdue items, of course. (Once again, we LOVE "Free Fine Fridays"!!) We'll soon be taking advantage of the K-6 story time every Thursday. Stories, crafts & snacks? What's not to love?
Besides football starting, & getting to partake in a most delicious & authentic Mexican meal prepared by my friends & their family on Sunday afternoon, my highlight this week was crocheting for the first time! I am totally picturing myself whipping out granny squares like a crochet maniac this fall. I really hope that happens. Still gotta practice lots. Me & the youtube "how-to" videos are tight like BFF's.
This week I am looking forward to getting prepared for Crafty Night in our new location, which is actually our original location. (Like, next door. Practically my back yard!)
And I'll be planning birthday treats Zoey will be bringing to class for her school mates next week. In fact, I'll be making THESE. After fretting about where to get those cups with lids, I had a facebook friend (whom I've never met!) step right up, head over to a local shop, purchase them & mail them to me all in the same day! Facebook pretty much rocks. And so does Brenda.
I've also got some craftiness up my sleeve. Projects waiting in line to get out of my head. And projects that have deadlines & are subtly stretching my creative process. But it's all good & happy stuff.
Speaking of happy...

Happy Monday!

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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