Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Review: September 12-18

I could have made at least 3 "Week in Review" collages for last week. It was a great week indeed.
Zoey's birthday combined with a trip to Denver was the highlight of it all.

Also last week: Crafty Night: September! We made fireside mocha, which is perfect for teacher's gifts & Happy Fall prezzies!

While in Denver I got to visit an IKEA store for the first time! OK, not that I was disappointed, but it was just not what I expected. First of all, I walked in the doors & it was SO confusing! Even the map didn't help me. I also think the fact that the Mr. & our two kidlets were waiting out by the front door for me didn't help. So, I had to speedwalk through the store. And then it just got worse. I would walk through a section & all of a sudden I'm somewhere else. That kept happening. And for a moment I was really lost. But I kept my cool & realized there were arrows on the floor to lead me out. I wished I had pocket fulls of cash to spend, but alas—I didn't. I did buy the girls each a really fun mesh tube thing you hang from the ceiling to hold toys in for $4.99. And I spent 49cents on 3-pack of wooden kitchen utensils that I was in desperate need of. The prices are definitely awesome at IKEA. And if I lived near one I would visit often. I LOVED the section where you could buy fabric by the yard. I didn't know that existed. I almost, but didn't quite, snag a yard.

It's been 2 years since I have been to a Burger King. I know. So dramatic, huh? But everytime I think of BK, I get all sad, thinking of the flame broiled whopper with cheese, no pickle, no onion please. On our mini Denver trip we visited a BK. And it's funny, because I wasn't that impressed anymore. Weird. If I never taste BK again, I will not be sad.

A visit to the Denver Anthropologie store was another weird visit. The only other Anthropologie I've been to, several times, is in Scottsdale, AZ. It is SUCH a beautiful store.
Maybe it was that the set-up of the Denver store was so different, or maybe the recent Anthropologie collections just aren't my style? I don't know. But it wasn't exciting at all. Not inspiring in the least. And to top it all off, they didn't have any catalogues available for me to take home & drool over.

If you haven't heard me talk about it yet, be sure to check out The Crafty Nest for my entry in Vanessa's "Do Something Crafty" challenge. My project went live today on her blog. For the next three days the other 3 amazing & talented bloggers' projects will be revealed. You can vote for your favorite this Friday, September 23rd. Winner will be revealed September 30th.
I worked really hard last week on completing the project before we left for Denver. (Phew!)

Last week was a busy week, for sure.
This week it's all about the purging & decluttering. I'm about to attack the most awful messy & unorganized room of all: my art studio. I have a deadline to finish it by Thursday night since our church yard sale is this Friday. Everything I've purged is being donated. I need that little bit of motivation & "push".

My art studio purge is VERY necessary. I'm slowly working on getting my creative life in order, beginning in that tiny space in the basement I call "Hole Sweet Hole". And next I hope to revamp my Etsy shop banner, my blog banner. Get some new fun things in the shop. And then, eventually, open up with a fresh perspective, ready for the holidays...

Happy Monday!!

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. You have to go to Ikea a couple of times to get the feel for the place. And leave enough time for lunch at the cafeteria in the middle! There's a really nifty tool on the Ikea website where you can preview all the store items and then make a shopping list to print out and bring to the store, which might help if you are a planner.

    Also, if you're ever in Portland, you should visit Powell's books. It's a city block long, and has a great independent bookstore ambiance.

  2. We haven't been to the new CO IKEA yet. I did not know they sold fabric! I have only been to one in California, but I don't recall them selling it there. It's a big store, and too much to see!


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