Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week in Review: September 5-11

High school football. My toes are starting to get cold down there on the field when I snap those photos. So, it's time to toss aside the Converse & put on some more rugged sneakers. And maybe bring a scarf next time. (Yay!)

Van got new tires. Which meant the Mr. & I got some alone time, where we ditched the mechanic waiting room with all its mechanic smells & strolled to a nearby Mexican restaurant to dine on Fanta, Coke, chips & salsa.

Homemade kitchen goodness this week included AMAZING meatballs. Zoey made 'em. That almost-9-year old rocks. And I constructed some tasty gourment grilled cheese sammies to go with the off-brand family-size canned tomato soup that I heated up. I'm not really a soup girl, but the idea of experimenting with soupy recipes this fall rather excites me. Not canned, but made from scratch! In fact, for Crafty Night on Tuesday, I'll be making corn chowder for the first time. I'm sure it's pretty smart of me to test my first attempt at foodie goodness on a small gathering such as that. Don't you think? I better have a backup. Of something canned.

And speaking of Crafty Night, last week was all about sewing, cutting, & playing with felt. I'm getting ready for my handmade once-a-month shindig. I've got it set up so cute! I can't wait to show you pics.

Happy mail TWICE in one week? YAHOO!! I'm a lucky girl.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. Hi Nik! Love your week. How did Crafty Night and corn chowder go?


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