Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Bags in 30 Days: Days 14-17: Art Studio

My 30 Bags in 30 Days project is plugging along. I gave myself 4 days to purge that awfully messy art studio of mine. I had a fire of sorts under my crafty bum too. I had committed to donate items to our church yard sale & the date was fast approaching! That definitely helped keep me on target.
I got rid of 10 bags total!!!! (4 bags of trash & 6 bags to donate.)

I am in no way completely done in there either. But it's a great starting point. And I can walk on the floor without stepping on stuff! Cool. I really want to declutter & organize to the point of having only a few boxes of craftiness, but it's awful hard to do that when I feel like I might need any of those bits & pieces & things & stuff for a future project. This is the hardest room by far. But I have noticed it is easier to let go of things, once I start. I have really softened on my "I can't let go of this" stance as the weeks have gone by & I've been able to take part in this project.

This week & weekend I plan on attacking the playroom/family room---which sits right off the art studio & is almost just as messy as the art studio. And, again, there's another fire of sorts keeping me on my toes: my birth dad arrives in 10 days, & that's where he'll be sleeping.

Tally so far: 27 bags in 17 days!
(13 days/rooms left to go.)


  1. I'm to do the same in my studio, but to donate, to keep that,s the question. I go in with good intentions to go at it again and then get totally distracted! Oh, where does one seek help?

  2. Wow! How brave you are to tackle the art studio! I clear mine out every year...and somehow I end up with many (too many) bags of garbage and to donate! Well done!

  3. doesn't it feel wonderful. You now know the meaning of "less is more"


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