Saturday, October 1, 2011


Thanks for your votes. Really. I am very grateful to those of you who voted!
I tried to win. But I didn't win. I hated soliciting everyone's vote. Bugging the crap out of people to Vote for me! Vote for me! But I felt like I had to. I felt like it was necessary. Gosh, I wanted to win.
When the "I got picked last in dodgeball" memories began to taunt me, it just got me fired up. Pick me! Pick me! I know... I groveled, I begged.
And, ooh, I hated the way that made me feel. My competetive spirit appeared, soaring, like a hungry vulture.
Sometime during the voting process I was tied for first. But, lagged 42 points in the end. I just couldn't rally enough troops. (Where were my troops???)
This is like the opposite of 'my acceptance speech'.
Am I whining? No.
Am I a sore loser? Maybe.
Do I have a bruised ego? Yes.

This "Do Something Crafty" Challenge really stretched me as a crafter. It was so fun to be a part of! I really am honored to have been invited. *Thanks, Vanessa!* The concept of "having a bunch of crafters create something from the same materials" was actually something I jotted down in an "idea notebook" a few years ago. There was a show on TV a long time ago with that similar idea also. A gameshow of sorts. It was like a crafty cage match. I loved that show.
Oh my goodness, I think I have my next idea for a Crafty Night.

Congrats to Heidi, the winner.

And, thanks for letting me vent, my friends.
You're awesome like that.


  1. Don't get discouraged so easely, dear Nikki! Yeah, I know. It is annoying, and hurtful. But you did your best, doing the chair top covers. It was just one battle, not the whoole war... :)
    Cheer up. Sometimes we need to be defeated, to use more creativity (solving problems) next time. I belive, you will be a phoenix rising from your ashes beautifully and with new strengh.
    You know what? I carefully observed your blog from aside, and kept an eye on you. And I really feel inspired by your enthusiasm. And my favourite thing is, when you write about Crafty Night. It's a good innovation. (I would like to have something like this in Budapest, Hungary. But I lack the strengh to start up something like this.)
    Yeah, I really enjoyed the knit graffities! You have a good humour, which is very important in life!
    So carry on being enthusiastic!

    Friendly hugs,
    from Hungary

  2. What a shame but at least you had a try and I will be here to vote for your next creation. :-)


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