Friday, October 28, 2011

Give a Hoot! Pazely's Cute!

 I did it!
This little crafty mama made her FIRST Halloween costume!
I definitely didn't come up with this idea on my own.
I found the how-to via pinterest.
The direct link is HERE. (There are other easy-peasy costumes on that site too.)
I'm all about embellishing existing clothes, which is how this costume was constructed.
Why was I ever intimidated in the past??
Pazely loves it, too!!
What follows is not a tutorial, but just photos of my work-in-progress...

I couldn't pick just ONE photo of Pazely in her costume.
So, you get several!

Today the girls get to wear their costumes at school for their Halloween party.
Tomorrow, I'll share Zoey's costume!


  1. Fantastic!
    She looks so cute!!! Love her in the tree. (I have two boys and if one of them was dressed as an owl, I bet they'd have a nice regurgitated mouse pellet as a prop) ;)

  2. Love, love, love this costume! You Rock! I hope my little girl lets me make this costume for her one day...right now it's all pink and Hello Kitty's :) I, too, have never made a Halloween costume so you definitely gave me some inspiration! Thanks!

  3. Oh wow. What a GREAT owl she makes. I especially like the last photo of her squatting in the tree. So cute. I'm sure she'll get full-size candy wherever she goes!!!!

    By the way -- love the button stash. I've been working with my buttons lately.

  4. Super cute! Love your little heart straight pins too! Makes me wish I'd let my mom teach me how to sew when I was living at home.

  5. It's ridiculous that I'm just now reading your October posts! I LOVE the costume! I made my first costume this year too! Only I did it for RIT dye. Here's the link:

    I miss your happy posts, and am going to try to be better about reading your blog!


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