Saturday, October 8, 2011


Golly. What a tiring day full of laze. I was up the night before with about 40 kids & youth next door, at an event we call "5th Quarter" after every home football game. Video games & pizza & a firepit & couches to chill on & basketball out back. It was semi-chaos to be truthful. And, though I'm all about the crazy fun of it all, it's exhausting. (And sometimes I think teenagers are evil aliens sent to destroy this planet. Not all of them. Just some.)
I walked around the house all day in my jammies, hoping to get past that "sleepy" feeling, but never did. I  attempted to attack the playroom earlier in the day with my cleaning powers, but was immediately zapped by the overpowering mess. A nap in the early evening helped some. And then, I woke from my mini snooze to smell dinner cooking. The Mr. had tossed a frozen chicken fettucine alfredo into the oven along with some garlic bread. I went out into the kitchen---appearing with bedhead for the second time that day---& whipped up a green salad. 

My favorite part of the day was reading chapter after chapter of "Farmer Boy" to the girls. We're almost through! They munched popcorn while I read. And I discovered 'the sign of a good book': when the audience is so mesmerized that they sit & eat popcorn like they're at the movies.
My 2nd favorite part of the day was that it was rainy & in the 50's! Tomorrow will be the same. Aaahhh, I love it! Especially after have too many hot days & never feeling like "fall" is here.
My 3rd favorite part of the day was watching a movie with the girls, cuddled on the couch under a blanket. "Megamind" was our feature film. And it was quite entertaining.

I've now tucked the kidlets into bed. Pazely is fast asleep. But I hear Zoey in her room reading aloud. I already told her it was "lights out" 15 minutes ago. But how can I get mad at that? I'll let her read until she falls asleep. 

And now I'm downstairs, staring at the playroom, with its messes & such.
I'm feeling oddly energetic at the moment.


  1. That sounds like one of my favorite type of days!

  2. i love you and your blog and that you enjoy days like this. aren't they the best! my mom read to me and it's one of my favorite memories. they won't forget!!

  3. You know, I was just thinking, since you live in NE, you should try and take a road trip to Gretna, NE to Vala's Pumpkin Patch. The patch is the coolest ever and I know your family would LOVE it. We live in SD and I every year at this time, I miss it badly! :( If you can't make it this year, maybe next year. The family that owns it are Christians, so, it is not "overly" scary. I guarantee, you will LOVE it and will have some awesome memories. And, they have some killer caramel apples. :)


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