Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees. It's supposed to SNOW tonight!!
The midwest has the craziest weather EVA.

The girls & I just got home from the Scholastic book fair at their school. I gave them each a little wad of money to spend. I LOVED book fairs when I was in elementary school. I remember that our classes would get to go to the library & all the books were lined up like a little store. My favorite things were all the little tiny cutesy stuffs: bookmarks, pencils, pens, erasers, posters. In keeping with the tradition, my children picked out a couple books this evening, but mostly chose things like bookmarks, pencils, pens, erasers & posters.

Do you want to know what else I did today? I took a solo trip "to town" (I think it's funny to say that) & bought Halloween costume-makin' supplies! Believe it or not, this crafty mama has NEVER made a Halloween costume. I'm not totally into Halloween. But something just got into me this year & all of a sudden I felt like I had the confidence to make dress up clothes for the girls. I have found EASY directions for the girls' specific dress-up attire of choice. I won't reveal yet, but I can't wait to get started & share them with you! I'm crossing my fingers that the girls love the costumes & that they actually look like what they're supposed to look like.
I'm excited to get in my crafty zone tonight, when all the fam goes to sleep, & start cutting & sewing.

But for now, the children & the Mr. & I are going to partake in some caramel apple cider & kettle corn while we get our Family Night on.
Bring on some Wii competition.

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  1. As a fellow mid-western-er, I can agree with how polar our weather can be. I'm glad we're not expecting snow yet, surprising as I live in MN ... I too loved those book fairs, my school had RIF :Reading is Fun! Good memories :)


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