Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's about time.

Monogrammed socks.

Ok, so they're not REALLY monogrammed.
I don't know why it took me forever to do this either.
 Every week, as I fold the laundry, I get so frustrated with who gets which pair of socks.
We took the girls shopping for undies, socks & shoes just recently. Exciting, I know.
(Which is what started all this monogramming business in the first place.)

My girls, twenty-one-&-a-half months apart to be exact, are beginning to be the same size in the undies department, & well, socks are pretty universal in size. So, I'm changing my game plan.
The Sharpie is my new best friend.
I'm pretty sure I've shaved several minutes off my laundry folding time each month.
And the girls may have marks on the bottom of their socks until they're 18.
(And possibly their undies.)


  1. I mark all my girls' stuff, but only Lian's. She gets an "L" on her clothes, pjs, and undies. If it is girly clothes, socks or undies and does not have an "L" then I know it is Opal's. And yes, I use a sharpie too.

  2. my boys just share socks. Their feet are close enough.


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