Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last week I started crafting like crazy, trying to get ready for the holidays & Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Owlies, owlies & more owlies. I made 22 of them---I know, weird number. And that's all I'll be making this year.

I ate the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers yesterday. It was delicious. If only the pie would've lasted as long...

Pazely & I spent yesterday afternoon setting up the tree. We drank hot cocoa with mini marshmallows & listened to holiday tunes on Pandora. The Mr.'s face lit up when he looked at the tree one last time before heading to bed tonight. It was cute. It wasn't feeling like "the holidays" until the tree went up. And even then, it's taking its time sinking in.

I spent some of Friday shopping online. I LOVE holiday shopping online. And it was all handmade stuff. LOVE that even more. I bought myself THIS print. And THESE tags. I'm planning on doing lots more handmade online shopping today---& taking advantage of Cyber Monday deals.

My iphone broke last week. That's the pits. Not even sure what happened to it. Thinking maybe it got wet? So weird that I don't k now. But it's going all berserk & I just need to get a new phone & fix all this no-phone nonsense.

Sadly, my friend Susan's dog, Steev (as I now spell it) was lost yesterday. He wandered off while Susan & her hubby were in the garage building a doghouse of all things. She walked & drove & walked & drove looking for him. The Mr. & me & the girls & some friends jumped in our van & we drove around town for about an hour looking for him too. It was so dark outside & he's a chocolate lab, so it was difficult to see much at all. I feel so sick inside. I've been praying & I will keep praying that he shows up, or that some kind person has him in their care & will do the right thing & inform the police or the newspaper or SOMEBODY. He is 4 months old & didn't have tags yet & no collar. It's so cold outside & I hope he is warm somewhere. I feel a terrible knot in my tummy & I feel so sad for how sad my friend feels.

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