Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #1

I'm a couple days behind, but I'll catch up.
I really like doing the "I'm thankful for..." posts in November. Every day this month I'll name something that I'm thankful for.
So here goes...

I'm thankful for...
...lazy days.
I especially discovered how important these sorts of days are just recently. What with recent stress & busy days & heart pains & emotions &... finally a hospital visit. Lazy days are important to me, more now than ever. I sometimes struggle to force myself to settle down & capture a moment of quietude. But I'm getting used to it.
And I like it.

Lazy days mean I can keep a better perspective. It's amazing the view you can get from the couch, wrapped in a cozy quilt, feet up, a movie in the DVD player, while sipping a hot drink. 

To me, lazy days are a chance to soothe a tired make new again.

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  1. i love notebook!!i have cried so many times with this romantic!!


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