Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #19

I'm thankful for... thoughtful Zoey.

The other night I went into Zoey's room & saw that she was reading "Ramona the Brave". I suddenly remembered that I am pretty sure I read that book as a kid & thought it would be fun to read again.
So, I asked her: "Zoey, can I borrow that book when you're done?"
 She replied, "Well, it's the school's book, mom. I need to bring it back. But I suppose I could ask my teacher if I could just keep it for longer."
"No," I said. "I'll just borrow it from the library sometime."

The girls spent a large part of the weekend with some of my friends. Included in all their fun were things like: a picnic, late night movies, painting pictures, pheasant feather plucking, walky-talky adventures, playing with Steev, visiting goats, seeing bucks in the backyard, spying kitties on the farm, & a visit to the library. When they returned home, Zoey handed me this book.
She had found it for me at the library.

Sweetest, most thoughtful thing ever??
I think so.

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