Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #24

I'm thankful for...
...this quiet Thanksgiving.

And, really, it wasn't that quiet. But it was just the 4 of us in the WhiMSy love household.
While I was doing my thang in the kitchen, hubby watched movies. The girls fought half the time & the other half they played in the sunshine, streaming through the kitchen window, right at my feet.

I felt a tiny bit of sorrow for being so far away from my family this holiday, but I was grateful for the chance it gave me to build memories with my own little family.
This was the first year I made Thanksgiving dinner too.
I tried my best. And I'm rather proud of myself.
Though I cooked casseroles & stuffing & a pie, I wimped out & didn't cook a real turkey. We ate Jennie-O pre-cooked turkey breast. NOT the same, let me tell you. It only made me long for the real thing. Hubby & I decided that when I do this again, I've definitely gotta try a real turkey.
It felt like the longest day ever. But in a good way.
And, however silly it sounds: I felt like I grew up today.

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