Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #25

I'm thankful for...
...a chance at getting to meet new family.

Because, really, I always wondered about them. I didn't wonder to the point of actually making a true effort at finding them though. I was intimidated by the thought of it all. Not sure I wanted to open that door. (It's a big door to open.) But when my sister discovered me via facebook, then I guessed that it was supposed to happen one way or another. Meeting my family last Christmas in Seattle was so thrilling!
And, having a visit from my birth father last month was really neat.
Although I am not the best at keeping up with communicating with my newly found father, & I'm sure he thinks I'm not interested in a relationship, I'm happy inside, though tentative & nervous at the same time. Don't know why, just am.
But either way, I'm thankful to have another part of the "Nikki mystery" solved.


  1. That's so cool that you've reconnected! I wish I could convince my father to find his birth parents. Apparently he has 7 other siblings!

  2. Blessed (by your own family, by your family, by your family in-law and now the birth family!)
    Don't loose track of your sister! It's such a big blessing to have siblings, even if you only meet as grownups :)


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