Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #3

I'm thankful for...
...regular coffee dates.

It seems that it's become a regular thing between me & the Mr. Or between me & the Mr. & friends. Usually on Thursdays. We meet at the diner. Or "The Halo". Or maybe soon, the bakery. (When it reopens.) And I don't even drink coffee. Instead, I'll sip on hot cocoa, or spiced chai lattes, or some other non-coffee-'cause-coffee-hurts-my-tummy drink.
These coffee dates are my adult time.
A chance for me to practice conversation in a grown-up dialect.
And I'm grateful for these moments with friends every week because it gives me balance between mommy world & adult universe.

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  1. Enjoy your coffee dates. They are practice for the future when babies grow up and you & your Mr. and your friends are left to speak adult. Made even sweeter when your babies grow up and speak adult to you.


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