Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #6

I'm thankful for...
...that lady right there.

My friend Susan is a friend like no other. I am grateful for her friendship. (More than she'll ever know.) Meeting her 2 years ago has opened up a whole new world of fun.

Sometimes we wear fake eyelashes & can't stop laughing. Sometimes we sit on the back of a pick up truck in the middle of a wheat field & share sad stories. Sometimes we make a campfire & sit in silence. Sometimes we talk in British accents & can't shut up. Sometimes we get in the car & have no idea where we're going. Sometimes we know exactly where we're going, but make detours just for the fun of it.

But we always plan & scheme.
And then make an adventure of it.

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  1. That photo is GREAT!! How lucky you both are to call eachother a friend.


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