Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #8

I'm thankful for...
...Crafty Night.

It's really an excuse for me to try new projects, or give a go at putting the ideas in my head into action. And I thought it'd be fun to share that with whoever wanted to craft along with me. Which is why I started this monthly event in March 2010.

I love the anticipation of searching for crafty projects every month, of making favors for everyone to take home. I love lighting candles on the evening of every Crafty Night, & finding my Billy Holiday station on Pandora to play during the night. I love hanging my handmade sign outside the door. And I love setting the supplies out "just-so".

Though it's a lot of work, I'm grateful for this crafty escape every month, for however long it decides to remain a part of my crafty world.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun and I love all the crafty ideas you come up with and the matching tutorials.


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