Monday, November 14, 2011

Week in Review: October 7-13

Although I missed what sounded like an amazing church service full of gratitude & tears yesterday morning (I needed to stay at home with a sick kidlet), I did get to enjoy a Thanksgiving-style carry-in dinner with my church family. Oh, there were so many yummy foods. For the 2nd time I got to cook THIS twice baked potato casserole & THESE balsamic honey roasted carrots (which I added glazed walnuts to).

The power in our town was scheduled to be turned off for a few hours in the afternoon, so the fam & some friends headed into town to enjoy the electricity. Not so exciting: the Mr. & I purchased a new bathroom scale. But then I got to shop for fun stuff for a crafty swap I'm doing with a friend in Argentina. Then the whole lot of us went to a movie & then out for authentic Mexican tacos at Tacos Mexico.

We drove home, I put the girls to bed & then I cozied on the couch with some chai tea, a red velvet cupcake the girls surprised me with earlier in the day, & my newest favorite show, Project Accessory.
It was a great day. And a great finale to a great week.

Happy Monday!

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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