Thursday, November 3, 2011


You may recall the owlie costume I made for Pazely this Halloween.
(See photo below.)
Well, my little munchkin drew the most adorable picture & I had to share.
(Don't you love her claw-hands??)

I surprised Pazely with the finished costume after school last week, the day before her classroom Halloween party. She immediatley put it on & we went outside to snap LOTS of photos. Next thing I know, Pazely's up in the tree shouting
"Ca-caaaaw! Ca-caaaaw!"
I said, "Paze, that's the wrong bird."
She eventually got it right.

(The girls like to play "school", thus the 100% that Pazely got on her drawing from her older sister.)
I'm totally keeping this forevers.


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  1. That drawing is SO adorable. What a great job. Of course you're keeping it forever!!


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