Monday, December 5, 2011

Love is the Way: Giveaway

Many moons ago I attended a Discipleship Training School in Dunham, Quebec, Canada with Youth With a Mission (YWAM). This particular school attracted the creative-types: musicians, drama-lovers, singers. On the first day, I was the first student to arrive. Then came Jamie. And then Joey. (And then MUCH later, the others arrived.) I remember the three of us sitting around one of the tables in the cafeteria. My two new friends thought I needed a "J" name as well. So, instead of "Nikki", it was shortened to "Nik" & then the 'N' was replaced with a 'J'. Thus, I became "Jik". It's all very scientific you know.

I lost contact with pretty much all of the students. Until recently. Enter: facebook. (I. LOVE. FACEBOOK.) I think it's pretty much awesome that I get to peek into the lives of lots of my friends from YWAM to see {& sometimes envy} all the creative & amazing things they're doing with their lives. Today I'd like to highlight one outstanding individual, my friend (& one of the original "J" Crew): Joey McGee. He's an accomplished musician of the professional sort these days, what with a CD under his belt & all. I asked Joey for a little Q&A session.
Sit back & enjoy...

Have you always liked singing?
I have! I would sing and make up songs all the time as a kid. I was pretty shy though and I didn't really start to sing in public until I was about 20 years old - can you believe that! Of course I sang in church as a kid, but I could hide among the congregation.

What instruments do you play?
So far I play guitar, drums, bass guitar, harmonica . . . and a pretty mean kazoo!

Use 5 words to describe your music style.
Fun. Folk. Rock. Groove. Healing.

Let's say you're chillin', writing music. What does that sort of environment look like?
If I had my druthers about it, I'd be out in the woods somewhere in a cabin, surrounded by trees, birds singing and a river running nearby - with coffee brewing of course! Usually, though, I'm working on songs in the living room, on drives around town (I keep a digi-recorder with me at ALL times) and coffee shops. Note that coffee plays an important role in songwriting . . . and life!

What inspires you when you write music/lyrics??
Most of my songs come from life experiences. Long before I played guitar, I wrote poetry and I've also been journaling for YEARS now. So a lot of the music comes from reflection and experience. Of course there are some songs like Day In The Life of A Girl and Alien Jive that are pure fun and caffeinated imagination!

Who are your musical role models?
Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Prince, Rich Mullins, Darrell Evans, Foo Fighters (I love Foo Fighters), and recently Ben Harper. This list goes on and on and on - there are LOTS of influences that go into my music. My recent songs have been very country-esqe (it must be the move back to Texas). As I was wondering where that came from, I see that there's a whole other side of influences on that end: Glenn Campbell, The dudes from Hee Haw and Brad Paisley to name a few.

How awesome is Jik?
Awesome is an inferior word! I think a better word is P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L . . . and groovy, of course!

Do you have a funny story to share from one of your gigs?
There was this one time I was playing at a fancy restaurant and at the end of each song there came a "wooohooooo!" from a lady cheering me on! It was sooooo funny and very much out of character for the restaurant's vibe. But it was gorgeous . . . and she kept at it! The "vibe" of the restaurant didn't bother her a bit and it actually loosened up things - it was GREAT!

Do you have any other projects you're working on?
Yes, two at present! I'm finishing up an album called Fade To Sun. It's another eclectic mix of songs that includes a bit of country, groove rock, a Bob Marley cover (Redemption Song), and songs that deal with revelation, coming to grips with reality and fading to light - discovering grace, hope and truth. It'll be pretty groovy.

The OTHER album I'll start to work on will have a really country vibe to it - which is CRAZY since I was this kid that grew up in the city surrounded by jazz, hip hop, rhythm and blues and other urban sounds. But what can I say? I write 'em as they come to me . . . and I really do love land and trees and water . . . and a place where you can shoot a shotgun in peace without injuring anyone!


Joey's music is just that: Fun, folk, rock, groove, healing.  The tunes are the perfect 'relax in a coffeeshop' beat. My favorite track on this album is "Boy Met a Girl". I can't help it, I'm a romantic at heart.

Joey would like to give away TWO autographed copies of his CD "Love is the Way"!
Leave a comment on this post. I'll pick two winners on Sunday, December 11th.

ALSO, if you want to get Joey's music, you can find it on:  iTunes, Amazon, & Bandcamp.
Or, send Joey a note at


  1. We are a very musical house and we love hearing new music.
    My oldest is at the age of "musical enlightenment" (@11y.o.), or that's how I like to think of it as. He continues to show serious interest in all things musical. He sings what he is doing, he taps and makes mouth sounds. It's fun just to watch him in "the zone" of musical exploration.
    So far every instrument that he's had the privilege of play he's able to hit some perfect notes on. No woodwinds or brass yet though.
    This would be an PHENOMENAL ;) gift for a budding musician.
    I'm going to go look up your friend now and try to find some samples of his work.

  2. So exciting... I love music! It's so cool that after all this time you got to reconnect. I also really love the title "Love is the way"... I believe it's the only way!
    Thanks for this great giveaway... hope I win!

  3. I love the graphics of the cove, I love the title - pleasse let me find out, if I love the music as well :-)

  4. this totally sounds like my kid of music. i would love to win!

  5. very cool giveaway since i love music and collect autographs! i listened to a sample of his songs- great voice! i would love to win

  6. No WAY!!! I did my DTS in Scotland. That's how I ended up falling in love with the UK and began my life here!
    What an amazing time it was!

  7. I was the first student to arrive too! hehe!

  8. thats awesome about ur friend! :) his cd looks like fun to listen to. im happy for him that hes doing what he loves to do. i always enjoy readin your blog :)

    have a nice week!

  9. love this! what a great interview!

  10. I would love to hear Joey's music!!! I am a new reader and have spent most of my day today bouncing about the blog reading everything...and I LOVE IT!!! Well done :)

  11. So exciting! I love finding new musicians to listen to! Recently I discovered Brady Toops and Ben Rector. (Love) I've heard of YWAM! I believe I read a book on the person who founded it!

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