Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shrinky Dinky Circles Rings

Pazely & I played with shrinky dinks on Saturday & made some fun little rings.
We thought these would make fun little gifts for Christmas, or they're the perfect size for stocking stuffers.
We kept things simple by drawing & coloring 3 different sized circles onto the shrinky dink plastic.

When cutting out the circles for one of the rings, I left a little space around the edges.
We baked the pieces in our oven, according to the directions on the package.
(375 degrees F for 1-3 minutes)
Then, we used E6000 to glue the pieces together & onto a ring blank.
You can find ring blanks on Etsy by clicking HERE.

Pazely made one with different colored rings on each of her circles.

(And you'll notice the middle ring was cut out without a border. It just gives it a little bit different look.)
I stacked my circles off-centered, but Pazely just calls them "crooked".


  1. Where do you get shrinky dinks cheaper than Michaels? You must stock up because I swear you are always using them in so many different ways. I want them for my earrings and bookmarks. Do tell. Thanks, Dana

  2. I honestly cannot remember where I got this pack of shrinky dinks. It coulda been Michael's.
    Here's a link from amazon of the same package:

    I've seen them online for between $5-$7 but they're all out of stock/backordered/etc.

    My particular package came with twelve 5" x 8" sheets.

  3. I love these! I have a penchant for crooked, too :) Are you still wearing them? Or did you give them all away? Awesome project, thanks for sharing!


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