Sunday, December 18, 2011


I sit here on the couch, feeling like someone punched me in the head, a shooting pain down my neck & back, curtains closed due to my current sensitivity to light, sinus pressure, sore throat, an all-over achiness & a lack of energy. I woke up to all this loveliness. Out of nowhere it hit me.

I'm feeling lonely & sorry for myself due to the fact that the Mr. left with the girls & some friends to go into town for lunch & shopping this afternoon. And 6 hours later, they aren't home yet. I really wanted to go with them. I almost rode along. But then I remember I felt like crap. And, really, it's best I stayed home.

I have set up camp on the couch. I have surrounded myself with knitting but, sadly, feel too weak & uninterested to touch my current hurry-up-you-have-two-days-left-to-finish-this-project project. I have opened the laptop & watched online episodes of The Sing-Off Christmas Special & the latest episope of Project: Accessory. I also finished watching "Mars Needs Moms". (I sometimes feel silly when animation makes me cry.) And then I watched a romantic movie. And now I'm depressed. (Remind me to never watch a movie where one pair of lovers gets hit by a bus. The bus came out of nowhere!!!) *sigh*

I'm listening to Christmas tunes now, munching on a snack of saltine crackers with that creamy laughing cow cheese & Swedish Nuts. (Oh my gosh, the nuts are amazing! I'll share the recipe sometime.) Broken candy canes, still in their wrapper, are scattered about me. I should prolly suck on one because my breath is nasty. I've been in my jammies all day too. I look like extreme poo. My glasses, dumb phone & a pair of remote controls round out my "sick bed" necessities.
I'm trying to take advantage of my alone time, by brainstorming ideas for my next newspaper column, filling pages with short, interupted thoughts. But what I should be doing is researching a few games to play in Pazely's class at school on Tuesday for her party. The Mr. & I are going to lead 15 minutes of games before the children exchange gifts & have snacks. And of course I'll be the embarrassing mom snapping too many photos of her baby. (2 more days until Christmas break! Woot! Woot!)
Aw, how sweet. The Mr. just texted to see if I want a chocolate turnover from Arby's on their way home. Of course I do! Which means they'll be home in approximately 40 minutes. And then I'll reheat the pastry in the microwave. And eat it.
Speaking of microwave, I really should warm up this rice pack & place it on my stiff neck...


  1. Hello M'dear,

    Isn't it GRUESOME to be sick at Christmas time? I have so many awesome plans but have been flu-ish since THURSDAY! It is horrid... I am feeling your pain sister... I wrote some Christmas cards.... and that is all that I have gotten done... take care m'dear and let yourself be sick okay... that is the only way to relieve the stress and get bettah!

    dana in Canada

  2. Aww, I'm so sorry you're ill. :(
    I hope you get better soon and jingle on this Christmas.
    Take care of yourself sweetie. ♥
    Hugs from Egypt all the way to you.


  3. I know exactly what it feels like to be sick at Christmas. Last year was my year. I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus and man, that really is a game changer!

    Sucking on the peppermint will help an upset stomach (at least that's what I tell myself when I want a piece of candy cane).

    I don't go by Arby's and didn't know they had pastries -- are we talkin' about the same Arby's?

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Rest, relax and rejuvenate!!

  4. Hi Nikki- I hope by now you are feeling much better. Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!


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