Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankfulness: Day #30

Really, 30 days will never be enough to express all that I am thankful for. And this November's thankful list, once again, reminds me to find something, anything, to be thankful for each day, if not simply the day itself. I tried to touch on random things to be thankful for this year: technology, my couch, my co-workers.

It just goes without saying, although I'll say it now, that I am thankful for...
life: for all the adventures I've had & all that are still to come; for my family: which includes two wonderful munchkins that light up my world; for Jesus Christ, my Lord & Saviour: who gives me hope & peace & joy, who died on the cross to save little ole me (& little ole you), who loves me (& you) more than could ever be imagined. He is why I have a happy heart; for my health: though I had some scares this year, I went through crap to gain a new perspective (& that was a good thing)...

I know that goodness & blessing rain down on me every day.
Sometimes, like a giant sponge, I soak up every drop.
But sometimes I may just be in too much of a funk to recognize it.
Or other times I may take it all for granted.

So I will make an effort, every day, to pause & affirm those gifts that are mine.

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