Friday, December 9, 2011

TTV Nature Walk

My friend & adventure pal, Susan, & I went out to shoot some TTV photos last weekend. She got a Kodak Duaflex II for her birthday & hadn't gotten any practice in using it. So we headed out to the Bridgeport Lakes & basically went on a nature photo walk.

I've discussed TTV Photography before. Click HERE for a simple explanation from photojojo. But to quickly sum it up, TTV means "Through The Viewfinder". You simply look through the viewfinder of your vintage "base" camera & snap a photo of what you see with a digital camera. I used my vintage Anscoflex on this particular adventure. I bought all 3 of my vintage cameras from ebay. We also created funny looking paper tubes to block out the light in order to get a decent picture.

I love the personality that every camera has when taking TTV photos: the graininess, the dark edges, the flecks of dirt, the fuzzy corners, the distorted views.


  1. does that sign say he still feeds his worms viagra? for reals? am i the only one who caught that? LOL

    love your blog, nikki!

  2. Yes, it does say he still feeds his worms Viagra!! haha! Isn't that hilarious?!


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