Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!
The Mr. called it a night early.
And the girls BARELY made it.
But I kept them alert by sharing some really fun drawing prompts from my new book, Creative Doodling & Beyond. (Purchased at a Barnes & Noble, on an overnight trip we took to Cheyenne a few days ago.) We doodled for almost 2 hours straight! We also watched movies on the sleeper sofa & played one of my favorite games: Memory Match. (The old school version.) I kept talking to them really loudly to keep them awake, & jiggling them every once in a while to make sure they hadn't faded on me. Eventually, we cuddled on the couch & watched TV. When the clock struck midnight, we drank sparkling grape juice from fancy glasses.
Then, I tucked my sleepy children into bed while they muttered, "I'm so tired mama."
I was happy to have their company.


  1. soooo cute! i love those kinds of new years eves. i miss them actually. you must sneak off to see the new years eve movie out there. spoke to my new years mama heart. i laughed. i cried. i loved it.
    happy 2012!

  2. I kinda cried a bit when I read this. It's just me and my daughter who's seven. We have spent most of this holiday vacation sick and at home. But for New Year's Eve we drove out to my grandmother's for dinner. We were supposed to drive home early. But I just imagined sitting there at midnight alone on our couch, while my girl slept upstairs. So, we stayed the night at Grandma's. I woke my sleepy girl up at 11:50 pm and me, my 95 year old grandmother and my little one, watched the ball drop and welcomed 2012 holding hands. It was very special. And I too, was happy to have the company. Blessings to you for the year ahead. - Cyndy


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