Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Draw: Day 1

The Mr. treated me to a brand new set of colored pencils & sketch pads. I'm trying my bestest to doodle or draw every day. I'm already learning that I'm afraid to make mistakes. I'm not very good at filling the page. And I have trouble just letting go. By year's end, I hope to change all that.

I also purchased a really fun book while the fam & I were in Cheyenne last week. It's called Creative Doodling & Beyond. In the front of the book are several creative excercises to get you going, if you're stuck. The girls & I spent a few hours using these prompts & had some great fun! One excercise requires you to list about 40 animals. Then, without looking, pick 2 numbers. You have to create an animal combing the 2 creatures you chose! We had new species like skunk-slugs, turkey-squirrels, & camel-poodles.

Another doodling activity had you make 3 lists. The first list is full of adjectives. The second list consists of verbs ending in "ing". The third list is made up completely of nouns. Without looking, you pick one word from each list. (The girls & I wrote numbers on pieces of paper & picked from a bowl.) Then, draw whatever it is that you chose. We had doodles of a sparkly sleeping gnome, a cozy kissing cupcake, & a wet twirling cookie. (To name a few.)

This is totally turning into a review of the book, which it wasn't meant to be. I'm just happy to have something to push me & motivate me in my drawing journey.

 On day one of "Draw" I created some hedgehogs. A mommy & a baby. I wrote a story last year about my adoption, which included hedgehog characters. I'm hoping to illustrate the story fairly soon & so hedgehogs are something I'm always doodling lately.

Later in the day, I found Pazely playing with felt. I looked over her shoulder & look what she created:
Isn't that the sweetest ever?


  1. That book sounds interesting! Don't worry about making mistakes, it's the onlye way to learn :)
    And the felt work fo your daugther is sweet
    BTW, Happy New Year

  2. That sure sounds like a very motivating book. Love your hedgehogs....

  3. "you're a doodle prodigy!" five points if you can name that movie quote!! your doodle is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! write that book and doodle it out, ma'am!

  4. Have you seen the game "Whatchamadrawit?" Sounds like something you and the girls would enjoy.


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