Monday, January 30, 2012

Littlest Stories: 2nd Edition

Contentious Coiffure 
Nancy's swanky locks, the color of a rich strawberry gelato, cascaded in thick bouncy curls around her canine features. Nancy couldn't tell if she looked ridiculous or not in her new pink wig. She felt amazing. But she knew there was a fine line between fabulous & chichi.

 Literary Monkey
Oscar was a reader. He woke, ate, breathed, & slept books. His favorites were books about astronauts & outer space. Real stories, made-up ones, comic didn't matter. As long as they were about other galaxies.
Oscar was obsessed about this subject. He had spaceman pajamas, rocketship bed sheets, & even a toothbrush that counted down a launch sequence.

 Naturally Original
Olivia was born to make things.
If her hands weren't creating, it just didn't feel right.

 Puppy Love
They knew it was cliche. But they didn't care.
When you find it, you can't fight it.

Portrait of a Hedgie
Lawrence appreciated a good span of silence. He often sat, for hours, in unabated quietness.
"Life is better when it's noiseless," thought Lawrence.

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