Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not too 'Shabby Apple'

The lovely folks at Shabby Apple recently sent me a dress to review.
Let me tell you, when I agreed to review a dress, I was SUPER skeptical. I mean, SUPER DUPER skeptical. First of all, I'm a bigger girl. So I just knew that the dress would fit me all wrong. Secondly, the dress I chose was $86: the green floral Mariposa Grove dress from the Yosemite Collection. I would NEVER spend that on a dress for myself. And lastly, I don't usually wear dresses. Seriously, in the last 3 years I have worn a dress 2 times. And once it was to a funeral.
Why don't I wear dresses? Because, like I said before, they usually fit me all wrong.

So, the dress arrived, very neatly packaged in soft-colored tissue paper. I immediatly tried the dress on, ready to be disappointed & give my negative statements. I anticipated the sleeves that would squeeze my arms tight, the waist that would make my figure look all lumpy, the sucking in of the gut, the whole sausage in a tube scenario.
But I was SOOOOO surprised. It fit! And perfectly!

I ran out & purchased a mustard colored belt & tights. I know, crazy color combo. The Mr.'s eyes are still bugging out of his head. But, I like color. It makes me happy.
My friend, Susan, & I went out by the lakes to take pics by the trees. It was SUPER cold, which is why I also added the black cardigan. (Tights, belt, shoes & cardigan are all from Target.)

While browsing the Shabby Apple website, I loved the super detailed pictures. But more than that, I loved that they give you help finding a perfect fit to flatter your shape. Use that tool AND the sizing charts to help you find the perfect women's dresses, little girl's dresses or maternity dresses!

This is my new party dress.
I love it.
Check out the Shabby Apple facebook page & "Like" them in order to get in on special promotions and exclusive discounts. ALSO, if making a purchse, use coupon code "whimsygirl10off" to recieve 10% off your order! (Offer expires in 30 days.)
I will definitely be a repeat customer.
To feel this good in a pretty dress is priceless.
(I finally get to wear dresses! Yay!)
Thank you Shabby Apple!


  1. You look adorable!!

    I would wear more dresses if I wasn't constantly running after my 4 boys! I will keep that site in mind. :)

  2. HOW did you choose that dress? there are SO many adorable dresses on that site! i can't even believe i'm STILL looking through all of them! hoping to order something soon! so glad i saw your post today! :) thanks!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute!!! I love that the "Mr's eyes popped out of his head" with all your fabulous color! Ha! That made me giggle.

  4. I love it!!!! Fab color on you! I think we'd all wear more dresses if they fit as well as that! That green is my fave. Now you need a purple one and a red one....and why not something blue!

  5. p.s. you are SO NOT a bigger girl!!!! Silly.

  6. Love the dress! I think that is the same one I liked best that the site recommended for me, but I really liked the "cider" color. Can't bring myself to pay $89.00 though. :(

  7. I was debating hard between the cider one & this one too! I believe if you "like" the facebook page, you get a coupon code for 20%off. A little help anyway!

  8. Wow, you rocked that dress hon, the belt and tights are perfect. You go the dress in future. X

  9. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! colour is your friend - people need to remember that!!! what a treat for you and for the camera lens - totally working it! love the new blog look, although it's probably been this way for ages - bad sue!!!


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