Monday, January 9, 2012

Week in Review: January 2-8

Last week I...

...put away Christmas.

...continued doodling in my sketch book. (Maybe I'll post my crappy drawings every week in a collage for you to see.)

...went to the Garden County Invite with Susan & took wrestling pictures. I absolutely LOVE wrestling. And getting to sit so close & take pics is THE BEST. At one point, I was literally sitting on the side of the wrestling mat, press pass around my neck, camera by my side, munching popcorn & watching the action take place just a mere 6 feet away. And I almost died several times. (This is an exaggerated inside joke.)

...went to the girls' school with the Mr. & surprised the girls for lunch. Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, rolls, & corn. Then we played recess outside. Well, the Mr. played while I snapped photos & comforted a crying Pazely who kept getting upset that, while she played basketball with the other kids, they all kept trying to take the ball from her. I explained that those are the rules. If your'e not quick, they'll snatch the ball from you. She refused to believe me & called them all "bullies!" & "mean!".

...purchased pony beads. Never in my life did I think I would. But the girls & I have been having fun searching the internet for patterns & making keychains.

...watched as a beaming Zoey crafted with her dad.

...found nutella to-go snack packs that I kept seeing on the www for MONTHS. (At Walmart!)

...took the youth group to our favorite restaurant in Scottsbluff (Tacos Mexico), before heading to the mall for a Mall Scavenger Hunt I planned. I had them skipping through the mall singing the "Happy Birthday" song, cramming their team inside a hurricane simulator, & finding me hidden somewhere in the mall (I can stay hidden in the back corner of JCPenney pretending to look at the fleece blankets for only so long), among MANY other things. 

...had a pumpkin pie milkshake at Sonic. Disappointment. Zoey signed up for youth basketball. Her first game is this Saturday!

...cleaned & purged a bit more. Zoey's closet has never looked better.

...became addicted to MasterChef & watched the first episode of Project Runway All-Stars with the Mr.

...shipped Etsy orders.

...struggled to become adjusted to rising early once again, now that school is back in session.


  1. Gosh, I am exhausted just reading all this! You have been a very busy bee!

  2. Just one week, really? hee hee

    There is no such thing as a crappy doodle!!!!


  3. So there's such a thing as a hurricane simulator? Up until now, the only simulators I've known are sports simulators offered at the SportsEntertainmentSpecialists website as well as other similar sites.


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